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Introduction of DINTEK LAN Cabling Systems Products


Introduction of DINTEK LAN Cabling Systems Products

In 2017, i-LAN Technology has taken on another new suite of products from DINTEK Electronic Ltd.
DINTEK Electronic Ltd is a leading manufacturer of LAN cabling systems and tools. Founded in 1990, DINTEK is headquartered in Taiwan and has a subsidiary in Switzerland covering the European market.

DINTEK offers structured LAN cabling systems for Cat.5e, Cat.6, Cat.6A, Cat.7 and Optic Fibre. For each of these categories,

i-LAN Technology Pty Ltd trading as DrayTek Aust & NZ

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of i-LAN Technology
Time flies, i-LAN Technology Pty Ltd will be 10 years old in June and it’s time to celebrate our 10 Years Anniversary.

i-LAN Technology was formed in 2007, taking over DrayTek Aust & NZ, to distribute DrayTek products. During these 10 years, DrayTek has grown strongly and been accepted and recognised to be a major networking solution brand in the SMB market.

Starting from April 2017,

Industrial Computers – What are they and their Applications

In this article we will describe:

What are Industrial Computers?
Typical applications for Industrial Computers.
Two Protech Industrial Computers.

What are Industrial Computers?
Similar to commercial computers that are used in offices or homes, industrial computers have the same hardware parts, components, and peripherals. However, industrial computers are manufactured from heavy duty materials and in most instances are IP rated to withstand harsh environments such as extreme temperature, dust, high humidity, vibration,

DrayTek Network Switch Solutions – Simplifying management processes and hand-in-hand communication between various devices

Apart from normal switch functions, DrayTek Network Switches support extra functions including Central Switch Management, VLANs, Bandwidth Aggregation, Port Mirroring, Quality of Service (QoS) and Power over Ethernet (PoE).

1) Central Switch Management
Central Switch Management provides a convenient and easy way to manage and configure VigorSwitches. Instead of logging into each of these switches and work through the configuration pages, you can log into the router that has integrated configuration pages

DrayTek Vigor2860Ln Product Review published in APC Magazine Issue 427 – April 2016

DrayTek has been one of the slowest vendors to integrate 802.11ac across its integrated modem router product lines, and it’s a huge shame that the Vigor2860Ln’s wireless support is still limited to single-band 802.11n.

It’s an honest to goodness LTE modem router on top of being a capable ADSL/VDSL router. It’s not just support for a USB 3G adapter — the router has an actual SIM card slot and two

How to double your internet speed?

Following the advanced features of Load Balancing and Failover with multi-WAN, DrayTek have developed another feature, WAN Aggregation. This feature aggregates the bandwidth of the attached WAN connections to provide a higher speed Internet link.

This is very useful for businesses who need higher Internet speed to provide every user with sufficient WAN speed. For example, if you are the owner of a Café that provides free or paid Wi-Fi Hotspot,