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i-LAN Technology was formed in 2007, taking over DrayTek Aust & NZ, to distribute DrayTek products. During these 10 years, DrayTek has grown strongly and been accepted and recognised to be a major networking solution brand in the SMB market.

Over the years, i-LAN Technology has also introduced Planet networking products, Protech indutrial computers and DINTEK LAN Cabling Systems, to augment the needs of our customers. Thanks to our loyal customers, we have grown much stronger and we continue to strive to provide high quality products and support to our customers in Australia and New Zealand.

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i-LAN Technology Pty Ltd is registered with the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme (SCM0020) in Australia and is now an accredited supplier for NSW government agencies. As one of the NSW Government’s accredited suppliers, we will strive to bring more state of the arts products and technologies and to support the government agencies with services that match their requirements. Refer to https://www.procurepoint.nsw.gov.au/before-you-buy/prequalification-schemes-0/ict-services

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