Since 2002, DrayTek Australia has been the exclusive distributor of quality DrayTek products in Australia and New Zealand.

Formed in 2007, i-LAN Technology takes over DrayTek Aust & NZ and has since added Ficer fibre module products to the i-LAN product family. In 2018, another subsidiary, i-LAN Water Solutions, was formed to provide solutions for safe drinking water in domestic and commercial premises.

We strive to provide products and services that meet the requirements of our customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Vision

We set our mission to make positive contributions to business and daily life of each of our customers by providing products that are innovative and reliable and services that meet their needs.

Our vision is to become a market leader in IT and networking products and solutions, and we will achieve it by treating our customers as our top priority, and by ensuring their expectations are met and exceeded to cultivate repeat business and positive referrals.

We provide value to our customers in:

  • Products: We work closely with our world-class suppliers to ensure that the products are innovative and reliable.
  • Services: To maintain a high standard of services, we operate with standard operating procedures based on ISO standards for sales, operations, accounting and technical support.
  • Technology: By continuously keeping abreast of the developments in technology, we deliver benefits to our customers and grow with the market.
  • Prices: By carefully managing our own operations and expenses, we ensure that our prices represent good values to our customers.

To pursue our vision, i-LAN Technology has established a set of company policies to guide us towards our goals, and to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of our human, physical and financial resources. We aim to:

  • Be diligent in minding the details, and in aiming for better and newer technology and solutions for our products.
  • Establish and maintain trust by providing excellent value and service to our customers.
  • Enable our staff to have a rewarding career by providing a safe working environment with a culture of continuous learning and a spirit of teamwork.
  • Listen to customers’ needs and wants, and develop products and solutions with up-to-date features that exceed their expectations.

Our Brands

Why DrayTek?

DrayTek has established its reputation as a market leader in networking and communication solutions for Small-to-Medium-Businesses. Since its establishment in 1997, DrayTek Corp., based in Taiwan, has produced xDSL/Broadband router products with advanced features that SMB customers need: a full set of VPN protocols, Wi-Fi with AP Management, Firewall with Content Security Management, multiple-WAN for Load Balance and Failover, USB 3G/4G connectivity, Dynamic/Static LAN, Virtual LAN, QoS priorities, network security, TR-069 based remote management, data logging, diagnostics, and many more.

From the onset, DrayTek has produced kernel codes for each of their products, and as such, they are able to continuously update the firmware for their Vigor series products to meet market demands by improving on the proprietary kernel codes for each of their products. By adhering to the feedback from the global distributors and by keeping abreast of technological advancements and market demands, DrayTek products have been regular winners in the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Awards as well as many international magazines and on-line reviews.

Why i-LAN Water Solutions?

Throughout history, water has played a major role in the development of civilisations, and being a natural resource has always had problems with various physical, chemical, and biological contaminants. In more recent times, over-exploration of the natural environment and increased pollution due to modern living has led to the safety of drinking water deteriorating. Water authorities in urban areas filter and disinfect raw water using an extensive treatment process to remove and kill potentially dangerous natural contaminants before despatching it to households. Whereas in country areas, water quality tends to be poorer and treatment processes can be less stringent. In both cases, water filtration products that can remove disinfectants and other additives as well as providing an extra level of filtration have become necessities rather than luxury items.

We have formed a new subsidiary, i-LAN Water Solutions Pty Ltd, as we are passionate about the benefits of quality water filtration for the households and about supplying the best possible solutions to fulfil our customers’ requirements and expectations in safe and healthy drinking water solutions.