The bottom line for remote offices is remote access, logging, rock-solid security with plenty of fiddly parameters to cover every eventuality and decent VPN support. A new generation of routers is adding to this WAN failover, a real boon because this would not long ago have been an expensive feature. Gigabit is nice to have but 802.11n is probably optional because it involves upgrading the client adaptors.- Techworld,UK
Amazing range of features in one box – dual WAN, 3G, dual VoIP, Gigabit Ethernet, Draft 802.11n, and oodles of security – the lot. It even has a rack-mounting kit……This is probably the most featured wireless router Techworld has ever tested and it sets a high standard for others to match. Its major selling point is that should the primary link go down, it can fall back to a second, an unusual features in a costing well box. The most likely setup for this would be the WAN or ADSL line going down and the 3G stepping in. There has been a trickle of other cheap routers that can do this, but none that manage it without compromising on other features and adding VoIP / PSTN integration to boot. Recommended.
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