DrayTek Vigor2820n with fully loaded of features is one of the most complete routers in its category and had passed though in-depth tests from INFOLAB so far. The Vigor2820n is an all-in-one ADSL 2+ wireless router with multiple SSID to create up to four wireless network groups. Moreover, the USB 3.5G modem compatibility provides fail-over backup as ADSL connection is down. What an excellent option for small companies who cannot be without Internet neither for a second.
The Dual WAN allows Vigor2820n to do load-balancing between two connections as utilizing the bandwidth of two ISPs. Its multiple SSID wireless features can define up to four distinct networks in the standard 802.11n. It is a good solution to create identifications and permissions of access varied for different departments or user type.
Because the Web User Interface of Vigor2820n is compliant with the standard HTTPs, it is extremely easy for any office to install/manage router via many kinds of browsers. All management is easily done by the Web User Interface.
As compared to other devices, you can benefit more from Vigor2820n’s profound management. For preventing network overload, it can define a maximum number of active sessions and select which IP(s) has the access privilege. Also, it is possible to limit the number of connections in a specific time, when it is necessary to guarantee the execution of a service. While many users are demanding for bandwidth and security, the administrator can efficiently filter unwanted contents and block peer-to-peer/instant message applications. Hence, there is proper allocation of bandwidth for data and voice.
With productivity and efficiency, Vigor2820n did not compromise speed! In the tests of the INFOLAB, we obtain to establish 270 Mbps and, using the program Ixia Qcheck 3.0, we arrive at a 68.3 Mbps throughput. This outperforms an average of the transmission.