The key DrayTek user group is in SOHO/IT professionals; this is because DrayTek products have solid functions and features. For the home or 「ordinary」 users whose requirements for functionality are not as tough as those for professionals, DrayTek provides Vigor2700Ge / Vigor2700e (e stands for economic). However, while these 2 models are cheap, they are packed with specs and features far outperform the competitors’ products of the same price range.
More importantly, DrayTek provides ongoing improvement on these products through firmware upgrades. They are able to do this because, right from the beginning, they write their own kernel codes for the routers and can 「fine-tune the engine」 for Vigor routers.
The latest firmware for Vigor2700Ge and Vigor2700e has just been officially released last Friday. Below are new features and improvements that this new firmware version provides.
New Features :

  1. Add a new telnet command “ADSL showbins up” to show bits of bin on upstream. (Handy for serious IT geeks)
  2. Add DSL default settings for Portugal.
  3. Support TFTP ALG. (God-sent if you happen to need it.)
  4. Add MTU size item on Web Interface.
  5. Add “Select all” button in DOS Web Interface.


  1. Corrected: IGMP Snoop (on Web Interface) can’t be saved. (IGMP protocol supports IPTV)
  2. Corrected: Modify ADSL modulation word from “T.1413″ to “T1.413″ on Web Interface. (Someone made a typo – not that it threatens lives, but DrayTek engineers just can’t stand seeing it there.)
  3. Corrected: Wireless connection failed while security set.
  4. Corrected: The router will reboot if 64 WPA clients connect to AP at the same time.
  5. Corrected: Wireless halt problem occurred if encryption client numbers exceed 62.
  6. Corrected: Display error in Trace Route Web Interface.
  7. Corrected: Packet fragmentation function error in the True IP DMZ application.
  8. Corrected: Daylight saving wrong in some time zone. (Lest someone misreads the time and leave home early/late for work…)
  9. Limit maximum PPP MSS to 1438 for Vietnam.
  10. Change the words from “Start IP Address” to “Assigned IP range”. (More precise label = better English/communication.)
  11. Modify the description for Corrected blocks and Un-corrected blocks in Online Status Web Interface. (More precise description and less confusion for all)

Users of Vigor2700Ge/Vigor2700e, whether they have bought the router last month or two years ago, can download Firmware Version 2.8.3 from URL: