With “Business” section of NEWS on PC PROFESSIONALE in Italy, DrayTek Smart Monitor provides companies with an effective analyzer for monitoring traffic of your network.
DrayTek offers a cost-free tool developed for management and monitoring the network. This tool can work with Vigor series routers (such as Vigor2820 series, Vigor2950 series and VigorPro 5510 UTM series).
Each router or active networking device gives you network monitoring but often examined in the analysis from single apparatus (e.g. a PC). However, they could not provide an overview sufficient for analysis and intervention on the network.
DrayTek precisely overcome these limitations. DrayTek’s developed Smart Monitor is a network management software offered free of charge. The Smart Monitor can work together with several Vigor router series.
Smart Monitor provides primarily a tool that assists administrators to identify problems on the LAN. Smart Monitor can be analyzing the data transacted and organizing system logs efficiently to simplify the diagnostic phase.
To optimize corporate resources, the Smart Monitor can generate a report which ranks top ten most used services, this categorization is applicable to all users of the network, leading to self-management of employees, whose network behavior (without any exposed personal information) is captured will tend to manage resources more appropriately.
Take “Instant Messaging” or “Peer-to-Peer downloading” as example, the accumulated live data of “User Top 10″ indicates that are highly used by users. After administrators review the useful data, they will apply protection rules and hence create new rules and management on menu over network. If corporate combines content filtering of Vigor routers with Smart Monitor’s functionality, corporate can prevent access from web sites that might interfere the productivity of users. The content filter and Smart Monitor can be applied at home as a system of family control (parent control) to detect whether the local network is trying to access unwanted activities such as pornography or false network database.