In a PC Pro UK review of Vigor2110n from April 2010, the highly popular wireless broadband router received a solid PC Pro Recommendation.
Vigor2110n is a 4 port 802.11n wireless router, perfect for SoHO users complete with secure network management (Firewall & CSM), bandwidth management (QoS, Session Limitation & Bandwidth Control), remote data access (VPN) and advanced wireless technology (IEEE 802.11n standard WLAN).
Here are some excerpts from that review:
“At close range (two meters away, with file server connected to the router via Ethernet), we recorded an average speed from router to laptop of 86Mbits/sec, and 57Mbits/sec from laptop to router. In our long range tests, the Vigor performed solidly too. The test laptop was placed 40m away from the router this time, with a wood wall and double glazed window in the way, and we achieved a transmit rate in our tests of 48Mbits/sec and 56Mbits/sec in reverse.”
“The speeds in both locations were solid enough to maintain dropout-free Full HD video, and the Vigor sailed through our soak test. It maintained a glitch-free VoIP call, smooth iPlayer playback and internet radio playback, while we carried out simultaneous file transfers over SSL VPN, FTP and SMB. It’s a very good product and one that, based on the experiences of thousands of PC Pro readers, should be reliable too. Recommended.” PC Pro, April 2010