“DrayTek has launched in the market a fascinated device for those interested to combine an ADSL modem & a Router with an IPPBX which provides VoIP bridge and concurrent PSTN support as well as ISDN lines & telephones support! (VigorIPPBX 2820).
VigorIPPBX 2820 is obviously larger than the usual ADSL modem/router and, in that level; it integrates ADSL line port for communication with the service provider of your choice, while the modem is equipped with specialized hardware firewall and supports up to 32 VPN tunnels. Moreover, it has a second WAN port for communication with another DSL modem and a USB port for connection with a 3G modem which may serve either as a backup line, or for a load balance scenario. The firewall of the device, which is extremely configurable, allows the creation of different policies for diverse domains and users, satisfying even companies with high demands. Furthermore, it includes an analog port, where an analog telephone device can be connected and be used either as an IP phone, or for communication via the PSTN line port that VigorIPPBX 2820 also integrates. It also includes 2 RJ45 ports where the user can connect 2 ISDN phones, or 1 ISDN phone and an ISDN line.
As you can understand, we are talking about a pure professional device, which can conveniently serve offices and companies.”