datormagazin_rekommenderarAs a wireless broadband router, Vigor2110n has always come highly recommended by professional PC magazines worldwide. In April 2010, DATOR MAGAZIN conducted comparative tests for  a selection of wireless routers, including our Vigor2110n, and once again it did not fail to impress. From its unbeatable performance, Vigor2110n was not only crowned by DATOR MAG as Best in Test – 10 802.11n router, but also took out the highest honour as their Router of the Year – 2010.
“Vigor2110n remains outstanding performance in both short and long distance file transfer. Moreover, it supports full HD video streaming, making IP calls and VPN tunnels, which is the ideal triple play mix. Most important, Vigor2110n is capable to do above said services at the same time without an issue that is really important for actual implementation. The two VPN tunnels help users be capable to work remotely and comprehensive tunnel protocol choices to meet various infrastructure needs.” For this reason, Vigor2110n beats others to win Best in test – 10 802.11n routers head to head& Router of the year – 2010.”
2110n_300Vigor2110n is a 4 port 802.11n wireless router, perfect for SoHO users complete with secure network management (Firewall & CSM), bandwidth management (QoS, Session Limitation & Bandwidth Control), remote data access (VPN) and advanced wireless technology (IEEE 802.11n standard WLAN.