In the recent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. CEO introduced the new iPhone 4 to the audience. Among other new features, he showed that with 4 times the pixel density, a technology he called “Retina Display”, the iPhone 4 had much sharper images (960 x 640), when placed side by side with a iPhone 3 (480x 320).
To demonstrate the effects of RD on a busy website, Jobs went on to access the New York Times website on both iPhones, but to his annoyance, the screen of iPhone 4 remained blank while the iPhong 3 got the page loaded quickly. Jobs then asked the audience to turn off their Wifi devices, but that didn’t help and he went on to show the resolutions on some of the photos and other features. He did not get back to show the intended webpage for the whole session.
For a showcase to the software developers for iPhone 4, no doubt Apple would have planned for a perfect demonstration; however, it seems someone overlooked the bandwidth usage of the Wifi network at the venue. If Jobs was using one of DrayTek’s Vigor routers, such as a Vigor2820n or Vigor2920n, the administrator could easily allocate most bandwidth to Jobs leaving the remaining portion for the audience, and the embarrassment (if not his job :-P) would have been spared.
Therefore, whether you are having a global product launch, or just going on routine business activities, it’s wise to select DrayTek Vigor series routers to ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth for the intended purposes.
Apart from bandwidth management, Vigor routers also cover plenty of functions that are tailor made for businesses including: flexible object based firewall, time scheduling, Wifi isolation, VLAN, secured Wifi connections, VPN, …, etc.
The moments Steve Jobs would prefer not to have happened: