DrayTek has released a new firmware version for Vigor2110 series, Version 3.3.5, which supports two types of web content filter (WCF): Commtouch WCF and BPjM WCF. You can click here to view and try out the menu options for the new WCF: Vigor2110 series Live Web Demo.
The new firmware gives your customers more choices while adopting web content filter protection and will enhance their confidence in choosing Vigor2110 series.
There are also Live Web Demo for 2 of DrayTek』s new products: VigorFly 200 Live Web Demo and VigorAP 800 Live Web Demo . You will get the ideas about the functions and features of these products quickly through these demos on configuration pages; they are also great tools for you to pass to your existing and potential customers.

See below for more details and info:
1. FAQ
1-1 Updated: 3G modem / Smartphone list for: Vigor2130, Vigor2930, VigorFly200.
2. Product
2-1 Updated:V2820Vn
3. Download
3-1 Add Firmware:Vigor2110 v3.3.5
4. Live Web Demo
4-1 Add:VigorAP 800 v1.0.0
4-2 Add:Vigor2110 v3.3.5
4-3 Add:VigorFly200 v1.0.3