In our previous blog article we announced the release of the latest firmware for the Vigor2830 series router that has added IPv6 support. In this article we will provide more details of the additional features introduced in this firmware.
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Details of some additional features are:

Smart Bandwidth Limit

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This is an addition to the standard Bandwidth Limit feature and allows the administrator to limit network bandwidth for devices not listed in the limitation list. Devices that exceed a pre-determined session threshold will have the TX and RX limits imposed.

Wired LAN 802.1x Support

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Now you can use 802.1x certificate / authentication for both wired and wireless Internet access. The authentication can be handled by an external RADIUS server installed in your network.

SNMP v3 Support

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The SNMPv3 is more secure than SNMPv2. The encryption method used (support AES and DES) and authentication method (support MD5 and SHA) means that you can now manage and monitor the router more securely than you have in the past.

QoS Re-Tag Feature

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QoS re-tag helps another router, normally in ISP site to process applications based on the suitable priority. This feature expands QoS coverage from LAN site to WAN site. Administrator can re-tag applications sending out to ISP and define their priority (tag type based on ISP’s provided information) and then the most essential application (e.g. VoIP) will be processed first.

ADSL PVC to PVC Binding Feature

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The Vigor2830 Series implements PVC-to-PVC binding which allows you to use single ADSL PVC to handle multiple services. (e.g. Internet access/Video/Voice/Management)

VoIP Wizard

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The VoIP Wizard will help to speed up the configuration of a VOIP account. You can select from a pre-defined list or enter your own VOIP service provider as a user defined setting.