Vigor2130Vn, the latest broadband router in DrayTek’s SOHO/SMB range, has received a Recommend Award from CHIP Magazine in Poland, with a rating of 5 out of 5 based on its efficiency, rich functionality and superior features.
Vigor2130 series is the first DrayTek broadband router to use Linux operating system, and is designed for current and future networks – including the NBN (i.e., fibre to the home/node) in Australia.
Vigor2130Vn provides 800Mbps throughput Gigabit Ethernet WAN for current xDSL or Cable networks and is ready for the future fibre (NBN) network. It can carry traffic with little delay, whether you are watching live streaming Web TV on 1080p HD, playing high resolution on-line games, or sending and receiving large amounts of data through the Internet. It also supports IPv6 for the future Internet network.
The 4-ports gigabit LAN switches support high volume data transfer within your local network; for example, you can create your own media centre and store Blu-ray quality movie files for others to share. The Vigor2130Vn supports 2 x VPN tunnels, and you can connect your home office with, for instance, your company office. The internal Firewall protects your network from nasty threats hidden within the Internet jungle. Quality of Services (QoS) allows you to prioritize your data to ensure data throughput is reserved for your more critical applications.
The 2 x USB ports allows connection to 3G mobile broadband modems for Internet access Load Sharing and Failover. They also support network-attached storage (NAS).
With DrayTek’s advanced Wireless connection and security features, which includes WPA2 encryption, Multi-SSID, and Wireless Isolation, you will have effortless and smooth connectivity with all Wireless devices, including the iPhone and Android smartphones.
The VoIP feature provides 2 x FXS and allows you to register to up to 6 different VoIP providers, Furthermore, with DrayTek’s Digit Map facility, you can switch calls between different VoIP providers easil