Draytek’s VigorFly 200 has recently received a glowing review by Israel’s NetCHEIF Magazine. NetCHEIF is a reputable on-line media source that reports on technical news and reviews in an easy-to-understand format for all members of the general public. Specifically, NetCHEIF provides comprehensive information on various high-speed Internet products in home media networks.
Draytek’s VigorFly 200, the first router in the world compatible with both 3.5G and 4G (LTE & WiMAX) USB modems, offers the greatest freedom to customers who would like to turn on their personal 3G or 4G Internet connections into Wi-Fi hotspots to share with their family or friends and still maintain adequate firewall/bandwidth control.
NetCHEIF reviewer, Lavi Shiffman, a renowned journalist of NetCHEIF magazine has written a very detailed review of VigorFly 200. Readers of the review can gain an impartial and comprehensive view of VigorFly 200 both physically, in terms of its hardware features, and mentally, in terms of its software capabilities.
In his assessment of its physical (hardware) attributes, Shiffman has provided information listed on the VigorFly 200‘s packaging, the items contained within the box, the layout of physical ports on the side panel of the VigorFly 200, and the hardware components that VigorFly 200 is comprised of itself.
In the mental part (software) of his assessment of VigorFly 200, he discusses its easy-to-use configurations for installation, its ability to share a mobile modem (mobile dialer) network, and its key features covering two-level management, wired/wireless settings, firewall, access control, QoS, Parental Control, and so on. In addition to this comprehensive introduction of Draytek’s VigorFly 200, Shiffman also tests the wireless performance of the VigorFly 200 with an Iperf test and reports on his findings of this independent test.
Shiffman concludes his review of the VigorFly 200 by identifying the two key features that he feels differentiates VigorFly 200 as the leading choice for home users, being its functionality for mobile modem connectivity of main/backup connections, and its extreme stability for supporting heavy traffic loads of data.