DrayTek has recently released firmware version 3.6.3 for the Vigor2830 series routers that among other new features has added IPv6 support.


A list of the new features includes:

  • Support IPv6.
  • Support Smart Bandwidth Limit.
  • Support LAN wired 802.1x.
  • Support SNMP v3.
  • Support QoS retag.
  • Support ADSL PVC to PVC binding.
  • Add VoIP Wizard.
  • Support DNS setting for each LAN subnet.
  • Support new SMS Object & Service.
  • Support the load-balance policy function which integrates the routing requirement for IP routing subnet.
  • Add a new feature that you can select HTTPS or HTTP in User Management for web authentication.

The official release firmware is only available for the single band Vigor2830 series router. It can be downloaded from: http://www.draytek.com/index.php?option=com_jumi&view=application&fileid=15&Itemid=583&lang=en The dual band firmware version 3.6.3 is still in beta release but if you are interested in testing it please send an email to support@drayTek.com.au In our next blog article we will provide more details of the new features in this latest firmware.Q0S