If you are managing a network for a medium to large organisation and need to ensure that it is running 24×7 you will find a perfect solution in DrayTek Vigor3900 router and it’s High Availability feature.
The Vigor3900 is an enterprise level router that is designed for businesses with between 100 to 500 users. It can connect a maximum of 5 WAN interfaces, and supports up to 500 VPN connections simultaneously.
Designed with high performance throughput for modern enterprise networks, the router supports up to 50 VLAN settings for multiple divisions, each with its own IP subnet.
The Vigor3900 offers High Availability by utilising Common Address Redundancy Protocol (CARP), with one Vigor3900 configured as the Master unit, and another as the Slave unit. In the event of the Master unit failing, the Slave unit will take over seamlessly and automatically. Processes that were running in the failed Master unit will be moved to the Slave unit, and system-wide resources will be maintained, and any lost transactions will be recovered and restored within a short period of time.
Once the Master unit is restored, the Slave unit will return to the standby role. This redundant WAN connection ensures that your network will be operational and your business will have zero down-time, even when an Internet connection fails.
The diagram below illustrates the concept of High Availability (HA) mode.
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