While analogue video cameras still maintain dominance within the surveillance technology market it is undeniable that IP cameras are becoming an increasingly popular alternative. There are many analogue video camera installations in existence, yet they are based on fading technology. Upgrading to a fully digital system can be exceptionally costly as it requires the replacement of current equipment.
Despite this, it is clear that IP cameras are to analogue cameras what MP3 players were to Discmans. In a modern environment where business operations are increasingly performed in a variety of locations, an Internet enabled solution is certainly regarded as a necessity. Recognizing this concern, Planet has designed the IVS-H120, for those wishing to upgrade their current analogue security infrastructure without the expense of purchasing and installing IP cameras.
The IVS-H120 is an Internet video server that provides the full functionality of an IP camera to an existing analogue camera. It minimizes the cost of upgrading the existing surveillance system while maintaining current equipment and improving both its quality and functionality.
The IVS-H120 converts the output of the analog video camera into digital format using the most current video compression technology – H.264. A multi-profile feature also allows for different video streams in MPEG-4 and M-JPEG to be sent to up to 20 users simultaneously allowing users to select the format which best suits their network.
There are also a few interesting additional functions. Using a speaker connected to the IVS-H120, administrators can talk to anyone at the physical camera site from their remote location. Furthermore, a Planet media converter chassis can be used to power multiple IVS-H120 units, providing a centrally managed flexible and scalable solution for larger systems.