As Tablet PCs become more popular many of the tasks usually carried out on the desktop or laptop computers are gradually moving over to the more portable Tablet PCs that provide a convenient way to access the Internet for web browsing, checking mail, viewing online videos, etc. As a result of the increased popularity of Android based devices there is an increase in malware which is designed to take advantage of devices that are not protected as well as phishing and ID theft.

Malware can take the form of Trojans, viruses, adware, scareware and spyware.

Tablet PCs are similar to laptops when it comes to network security. Since they are almost always connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, they are subjected to all the security risks that face the laptop. The concern is that a hacker will be able to obtain your browsing data and use it to his advantage.
If you are going to carry out activities that you would normally perform on your protected desktop or laptop PCs, such as banking or online shopping on the tablet PC, then you will need to take the same precautions. Android Tablet PCs usually are not shipped with any antivirus software installed so can be easily exposed to malware threats. Therefore it is strongly recommended that one of the first tasks you carry out just after your purchase your i-LAN tablet PC is to download and install an anti-virus app to your device.
A couple of good free anti-virus apps for Android based tablets that will provide a measure of protection are:[tw_tab position=”top”][tw_tab_item title=”avast! Mobile Security” title_icon=”icon-android”]avast! Mobile Security is one of the most complete security apps for Android. It provides real-time scanning and check the apps you have installed for malware. It also allows you to schedule automatic virus scans by day/hour and choose between apps, the microSD card or both. The Privacy Advisor informs you about permissions granted to the installed apps and displays any potential privacy issues. Other good features include the Firewall and Anti-Theft options.[/tw_tab_item][tw_tab_item title=”AVG Anti-virus” title_icon=”icon-android”]AVG Anti-virus provides a basic level of protection and will notify you if an app you are trying to install is coming from an unauthorised source.Many rogue apps are finding their ways into the official Google Play Store. As a result you have to be wary of any app you download even though it may come from the official Android app store. Having an anti-virus app installed in your Tablet PC will alleviate your concerns and help protect your personal data.[/tw_tab_item][/tw_tab]