It has been shown by many researchers that the development of a child’s playing activities can enhance many aspects of mental and physical growth. For example, a child can acquire problem solving skills through proper playtime activities.
There are plenty of cool apps for Android tablet PCs that are suited for pre-school aged children. In this article I will introduce 5 of these pre-school apps that run well in the i-LAN tablet PC.

1. Kids Number and Math

This app includes 4 activity games. The first game is ‘Counting’. Children can learn to count from 1 to 20 up or down, using the app’s back and forward buttons.
The second game is ‘Recognising and Comparing Numbers’, it enhances your child’s number comparison and recognition skills.
The third game is ‘Finding a Match. It is a classic turn-over tile game and can improve your child’s visual recognition and memory skills.
The fourth game is ‘Learning Addition and Subtraction’. It teaches your child basic addition and subtraction operations.

2. Kids Shape Puzzle

This is an entertaining and educational game for preschool-aged kids containing plenty of fun picture puzzles. Each puzzle uses an outline of an image belonging to a category, such as animals, food, numbers, letters, etc.
To solve the puzzle, the child must slide and snap the colourful puzzle pieces into place to reveal a delightful image. While your child is being entertained and practising, he is building and improving his cognitive, visual/spatial, tactile, and fine motor skills, as well as shape recognition.
This app is designed to let your child gain positive reinforcement through fixing problems and repetition.

3. ABC Letters

Your preschool-aged child will learn the alphabet letter names and will practice letter shapes, letter recognition, and finding letters in context.
The game has four wonderfully child-friendly sections.
Naming Letters – This is a distraction-free way for your child to learn the name and the appearance of each ABC alphabet letter. Your child can tap on the letters to verify that they’ve learned the names correctly.
Forming Letters – Let your child practice remembering what the letters look like by sliding colourful puzzle pieces into place that make up the shapes of the letters.
Recognising Letters – let your child play a fun game by helping a cat catch fish with alphabet letters on their sides as they swim by. By the time the game is played a few times, your child would have known the appearance and pronunciation of the letters by heart.
Identifying Letters in Context –  This teaches your child that words are made up of letters, and to memorise words, as alphabet letters appear in words.

4. ABC Letter Phonics

This app will help your child to learn the alphabet letter sounds in four child-friendly sections.
1.      Learn Letter Sounds – Your child will learn to hold and turn a picture-filled letter block and hear the ABC phonics pronounced.
2.      With the Build Letter Blocks – Your child can have fun building phonics recognition skills by making his/her own ABC blocks.
3.      Pop Letter Bubbles – Your child will hear the sound of the letters as he/she pops bubbles with enthusiasm.
4.      Make Words– Your child to learn the basics of phonics blending by putting puzzles together.

5. Colouring Book

This app is a unique digital colouring book that lets your child enjoy colouring activities as if it were on real paper. It has more than 120 pictures of various kinds, such as princess, boys, cars, airplanes, flowers, animals, dinosaurs, Christmas, etc.
While some other digital colouring apps support “tap-auto-fill” only, Colouring Book lets your child paint on colouring page with various kinds of brushes, water-colour, crayon, pen, etc. and select colour or ink drops to use just like real painting on paper.
Additionally, the app has a “movie” mode to replay the colouring like a small film, and a Show or Hide menu option by tapping the right-bottom button.