Maintain maximum business Internet uptime by utilising multiple WAN connections through the Vigor300B. This firewall router has 4 Gigabit WAN interfaces as well as 2 Gigabit LAN interfaces and has a rated throughput of 1GB/s. For customers who require the performance and network redundancy features of the Vigor3900 but do not require VPN tunnels, Vigor300B will be an ideal and affordable solution. Some of the features of the Vigor300B are:

  • Business continuity by multi-WAN connection load-balancing/failover
  • 2-port Gigabit LAN interface for facilitating business application
  • Robust firewall with Content Security Management (CSM)
  • Bandwidth Management with 4-level priority Inbound/Outbound QoS
  • DMZ host/port for secure LAN environment
  • IPv4/IPv6 support seamless migration for next generation infrastructure

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