DrayTek Corporate has released a new beta firmware announced for Vigor2925 (Vigor2925_V3.7.4_RC3). Some of the new features in this new beta firmware are:

  • Add URL link for dashboard panel.
  • CVM (Central VPN Management) function.
  • Dual 3G/LTE function.
  • Support two USB modem status.
  • Rogue AP detection.
  • Support AP load balance.

Also included are many improvements to the firmware. A few of these improvements are:

  • Support longer name for VPN host/server.
  • Wireless wizard modifications.
  • DHCP lease time for subnet.

Similar to many software or hardware manufacturers, DrayTek regularly release beta firmware with new  fixes and features for field testing before a final formal version is released. If you are willing to participate in the beta firmware test, please provide feedback to us so the entire DrayTek user groups around the world can benefit.
 Click here  to download the firmware and its release notes.