When you write on a piece of paper, your ideas flow freely from your head to the paper. You write quickly, trying to catch all ideas coming out of your head. Before you complete a sentence, another idea pops up and you quickly jot it down.
Afterwards, you read back what’s on the paper, and feel contented you’ve created some meaningful work. So you reach for your smart-phone, take a shot of your writing, and save it on a USB drive or on the cloud. The problem is: you can’t share the work with others, as not every person can read your handwriting. Now there’s a device that will allow you to digitalize your handwriting into digital documents; MyInk from PenPower is perfect for anyone who works best with handwriting.
If you need to take notes in lectures, company meetings, or the likes, MyInk is designed for you. You can write or draw, digitize your work, turn them into data documents and share your ideas and creativity with others.
MyInk consists of a digital pen, receiver and software that can be installed on iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and PCs. It recognizes English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and the language of your operating system (including Croatian, Czech, Polish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Purcell Segovia, Spanish and Swedish).
The steps below will demonstrate the process in which I wrote this blog article, and how MyInk can be used to convert your ideas into digitized documents for sharing.

  1. With MyInk’s receiver clipped, complete your handwriting on the piece of paper. Press a key on the receiver to save the writing.MyInk-receiver
  2. Connect the MyInk receiver to your PC.MyInk-connect-pc
  3. Open the associated software, PenPower WorldNote on your PC, and load your writing onto the software.MyInk-worldnote-pc
  4. Click on Editing Mode, select the language, and convert your handwriting into digital text.MyInk-editingmode-language
  5. Export the converted text into Microsoft Word.MyInk-export-microsoft-word
  6. Edit your writing on MS Word and add additional ideas onto your base work.MyInk-writing-microsoft-word
    Writing can be a lost art in today’s fast paced world, with new technologies making it easier to instantly digitize our ideas. However, for many people the feel of pen to paper is still the key to learning, expressing and creating. Now the technology has caught on, with MyInk you can quickly turn your concepts on paper into data documents and share them with all the technologies around you.