i-LAN Technology has recently successfully tested DrayTek broadband routers with DoDo NBN.  The router models that have been tested and found to work well were:

  • Vigor2120 series
  • Vigor2760 series
  • Vigor2860 series,
  • Vigor2912 series
  • Vigor2925 series
  • Vigor2960
  • Vigor300B
  • Vigor3200
  • Vigor3900

The Ethernet WAN port of the router was connected directly to the NBN equipment. There is no need to use the DoDo supplied router.
We found that DoDo requires VLAN tags to be used for data when connected to their network. This means that when configuring the router to connect to DoDo NBN to have to enable VLAN tags and assign the VLAN tag to be 100 as shown in the screen shot below:
We have documented the configuration requirements and have created an application note covering the configuration of the Vigor2925 router.
The application note is available in our knowledge base:
We will be creating additional application notes to cover other DrayTek routers and will publish these in the knowledge base in the coming weeks.