DrayTek has been one of the slowest vendors to integrate 802.11ac across its integrated modem router product lines, and it’s a huge shame that the Vigor2860Ln’s wireless support is still limited to single-band 802.11n.
It’s an honest to goodness LTE modem router on top of being a capable ADSL/VDSL router. It’s not just support for a USB 3G adapter — the router has an actual SIM card slot and two very large antennae for top 3G/LTE reception, much better than any USB card can accomplish. You can even send and receive SMSs from the router interface, as well as assign load balancing or failover rules of your multiple WAN interfaces.
There’s an additional gigabit WAN port on top of its six LAN ports, meaning it covers pretty much every type of Internet connection, bar HFC.
Both DrayTek’s firmware and design reflect the company’s business-centric orientation. Most of the ports are in the front of the device, not pretty but it is practical. The firmware is probably not for the faint of heart, being heavy on the jargon and light on the easy setup wizards. It is very capable, however, with advanced business and management tools that not even ASUS can boast.
You can even configure it to send and respond to SMS messages, rebooting the router or getting status updates. For the advanced and small business users, it’s incredibly smart and well designed, but the lack of support for AC could be a killer, especially since it costs three times as much as the consumer competition.