Firmware Updates

Firmware Updates for Vigor2862 and Vigor2926

DrayTek has recently released firmware version for the Vigor2862 series and Vigor2926 series routers. This firmware has a number of improvements including fixes for possible Wi-Fi issues as listed below.
If you currently own a Vigor2862ac, Vigor2862Vac, Vigor2862Lac router or a Vigor2926ac, Vigor2926Vac, Vigor2926Lac router, it is recommended to upgrade the router firmware to this version to avoid any potential Wi-Fi issues.
Firmware Improvements

  • Fixed: Wireless LAN 5G channels for some countries were not correct.
  • Fixed: The wireless device was able to connect to WLAN (2.4G). After disconnecting WLAN (2.4G), the device was unable to reconnect to WLAN (5G) and received error message of wrong security key.
  • Fixed: The character used for Pre-Shared Key(PSK) on SSID 2, 3 and 4 (Wireless LAN>>Security) would cause abnormal page display.
  • Enhanced web server security
  • Fixed: Unstable VDSL connection
  • Fixed: Unable to regenerate a certificate after entering the necessary information and clicking Generate (System Maintenance >> Self-Signed Certificate).
  • Fixed: NAT loopback not working when port setting was configured with a number from 768 to 1023.
  • Fixed: Firewall not working on routed LAN.
  • Fixed: DSL bandwidth auto detection for QoS didn’t work.
  • Fixed: The word, DMZ, disappeared on the Dashboard after enabling the DMZ port (LAN>>General Setup) and refreshing the web page of Dashboard.
  • Fixed: Unable to reboot Vigor router for the built-in LTE modem was in the reset state.
  • Fixed: Unable to display the web settings for the mode of “Analyze a single packet” on Diagnostics>>Route Policy Diagnosis through the web browser, Google Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99, as usual.

The firmware can be downloaded from our website at the following links:
Vigor2862/Vigor2862L series:
Vigor2926/Vigor2926L series: