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DrayTek Vigor2133 Series Router Range

This video provides an introduction to the DrayTek’s Vigor2133 series router range. There are currently 4 models to choose from with a model for everyone.

DrayTek Vigor130 Modem Router

This video provides an overview of the Vigor130 router which has become one of the more popular as well as one of the cheaper routers DrayTek has on offer. The reason for its popularity is not hard to understand. There are two groups of people the Vigor130 is ideally suited to. The first is someone with no need of a network who just needs a basic ADSL or VDSL modem to plug their PC into, with some bonus security features to get them online quickly and safely. The second group needs a basic modem with no security features to plug into a more advanced router or hardware firewall. The Vigor130 can be configured to work either way.

Latest Application Notes


Vigor Router to Microsoft Azure (Dynamic Routing) – IKEv2
This document introduces how to set up an IPsec IKEv2 tunnel between a Vigor Router and Microsoft Azure VPN Server.
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How do we define model name of switches?
This article describes how DrayTek defines the name for the VigorSwitch range. The model name describes the hardware and software features in each VigorSwitch.
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Differences between Switch types
This article describes the differences between the different switch types:

  • SmartLite
  • WebSmart
  • L2 Managed

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How to allow users login to Vigor’s Hotspot with external Radius server
This application note shows how to use an external Radius server to authenticate users to a Vigor Hotspot.
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