Technical Update for SmartVPN  v5.0.1

Below are workarounds if you encounter one of the 3 issues listed below when starting SmartVPNClient in Windows OS.

1. SmartVPN client cannot be started

If only the cmd window pops up when launching SmartVPN client, try the following:

  1. Run SmartVPNService.exe in SmartVPN client folder
  2. Enter cmd command ‘sc query SmartVPNService’ to check service state, it should be “STOPPED”
    Then restart it by command ‘sc start SmartVPNService’ -> ‘sc stop SmartVPNService”, then run smartVPN client again.
  3. Enter cmd command ‘tasklist’ to check session# of SmartVPNClient.exe, It should be any number except 0.
    If it’s 0, use the command ‘taskkill /F /IM SmartVPNClient.exe'(admin right is required), then run smartVPN client again.

2. Can’t find VPPP driver while connecting SSL VPN

Please refer to the FAQ article to reinstall the driver manually

3. Error “The PPP link control protocol terminated”

Ensure the Authentication Method between SmartVPN client and Vigor router are matched.
They can be found from Advanced Options in SmartVPN client VPN profile and VPN and Remote Access>PPP General Setup page in Vigor router.

If above solutions do not help, please send an email to and provide following information for further investigation.

  1. draytek_svc.log and ServiceLog.txt that are located in SmartVPN client folder.
  2. router’s syslog.
  3. Remote access with Anydesk.

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