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Topic: DrayTek VPN solutions: Part 2 – LAN to LAN VPN Tunnels
Date: Tuesday, 9th July 2019
Time: 10:00am – 10:30am (AEST)
You are invited to attend our next webinar:  DrayTek VPN Solutions (Part 2) – LAN to LAN VPN Tunnels.
This is the second part of our 4-part webinar series: VPN solutions in DrayTek routers. In this webinar we start with an overview of LAN to LAN VPN tunnels then look at the configuration options in DrayTek routers as well as a configuration example.
There will be time to ask questions at the end of the presentation.
To find out more, please join us for this interesting webinar.



Latest Application Notes

Central Management

The comparison table of each User Role on VigorACS 2
This application note provides a comparison table showing the privilege levels for each user role within VigorACS 2.
Click here to read the application note.

Construction of the NETWORK and CPE MENU on VigorACS 2
In VigorACS 2, there are two CPE menus: NETWORK MENU and DEVICE MENU.
This application note shows the differences between these two menus and how to select these menus.
Click here to read the application note.

System Maintenance & Monitor

How to register my Vigor router?
This application mote shows the steps required to how to register the router to MyVigor.
Registration is required to runs services such as WCF, DDNS, and APPE.
Click here to read the application note.

LAN Applications

How to assign an IPv6 address to LAN clients?
This application note shows how to set up DHCP in the Vigor Router for the LAN clients to obtain an IPv6 address.
Click here to read the application note.


How to export the Smart VPN profile to other computers
This application note shows how to export your Smart VPN client profile to another computer.
Click here to read the application note.

How to do port redirection to a host on the remote network?
This document shows a method to access services on a remote router when it is not possible over a direct WAN connection such as a LTE connection. The method is to use Port Redirection over a VPN tunnel from a router with a LAN to LAN VPN tunnel to the remote router.
Click here to read the application note.

Latest Firmware

Vigor2925 V3.8.9.5


  • Add control of which LAN / Source IP can be used for TR-069 management.
  • Add LTE’s SMS option as SMS provider for other feature (such as Hotspot). .
  •  Fixed: Unable to update OpenDNS successfully.
  • Fixed: Country IP database was not up to date.
  • Fixed: Web portal Google authentication failed to work.
  • Fixed: Enabled brute force protection for TR-069 caused VigorACS unable to read CPE.
  • Fixed: Windows10 Client was unable to create an IKEv2 EAP VPN connection while the router used the Self-Signed CA.

Click here to download the firmware.

DrayTek Wireless (iOS) V1.0.5
This app for Apple iOS devices allows you to easily setup and manage the Mesh Wireless network.
Click here to download the software.

Latest Live Demo

Latest additions to DrayTek live demo are:

  •   VigorSwitch G1280 V2.4.3
  •   VigorSwitch P1280 V2.4.3
  •   VigorSwitch G2280 V2.4.3
  •   VigorSwitch P2280 V2.4.3
  •   VigorSwitch G2500 V2.4.3
  •   VigorSwitch P2500 V2.4.3
  •   VigorSwitch P2121 V2.4.3

Click here to go to the DrayTek Live demo page to run the live demo for each of these models.