Latest Application Notes


Register a VigorSwitch to VigorACS 2

This application note shows the steps required to configure a DrayTek VigorSwitch TR-069 settings to allow it to be monitored by VigorACS 2.

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Why TCP Port 443 is open from WAN when the Allow management from the Internet option is disabled?

Vigor Router which supports SSL VPN function will open TCP Port 443 from WAN for accepting SSL VPN Clients’ dialling in by default. This is why we can see Vigor’s Web Login page by HTTPS from WAN even the Allow Management from the Internet option is not enabled.
This application note describes two methods to make the Web Login page not be seen on the default HTTPS page from the Internet.

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Latest Firmware

Vigor2832 V3.9.2


  • Refine the local certificate to meet the new security policy of Apple iOS 13 for SSL VPN connection.
  • Support the option to turn off CPE notify log and change the default as “Disable”.
  • Improve the Traffic Graph web user interface (Diagnostics >> Traffic Graph).

For a complete list of improvements, refer to the release notes in the download link below.

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Latest Live Demo

Vigor2620 LTE V3.8.13

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