Postponement of i-LAN Technology’s 2020 DrayTek Workshop Program

Since 2017, i-LAN Technology has conducted 13 workshops in various locations around Australia and New Zealand. In each of these workshops we presented technical functions of DrayTek products and gave participants hands-on exercises using devices provided. It has been our undertaking to help support our resellers in learning more about the features and functions of DrayTek devices to help them to provide better support to their customers. We are pleased to say that each time, we’ve received very positive feedback from everyone who participated.

In 2020, we have planned more workshops covering current and new topics. In addition to Module 1 (Multi-WAN Solutions and VLAN) and Module 2 (LAN Routing and VigorACS2) and Module 3 (DrayTek VPN Solutions), our technical members have almost finalised Module 4 (Wi-Fi Solutions, & Wi-Fi Network Management and Firewall).

However, our plan now faces a challenge with the development of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) epidemic which now affects almost every continent including Australia. To date the epidemic is out of control in China resulting in many international travel restrictions, while there are 17 cases of infections in Australia and zero cases in New Zealand and there is no travel restriction on flights within and between Australia and New Zealand. Other countries like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand have not been as lucky as their identified cases have risen exponentially.

We hope that the COVID-19 epidemic will ease and that a vaccine and cure will be found very soon. In the meantime, while there is no need for panic, we want to err on the side of caution and observe how the situation develops so we have decided to temporarily put our workshop plans on hold. During this period we will enhance our Webinar sessions to cover the workshop topics. We urge you to join our team in these sessions to equip yourself with the latest solutions that DrayTek products have to offer. When the epidemic is over, we will resume conducting workshops at various locations and invite you to join us and learn DrayTek solutions from the source with hand-on exercises.