In the desperate hours of the Covid-19 pandemic, here in Australia the federal, state and local governments have implemented lockdown of non-essential services and social distancing policies. These are done to ensure that our medical capacity remains adequate for the imminent increase of infections. The collapse of medical systems has occurred in many countries, unfortunately with grave consequences. As responsible citizens, we must all do our parts to follow the rules and to protect ourselves and our families.

For us working in i-LAN Technology t/a DrayTek Aust & NZ, apart from enhancing our personal sanitary practices, we have followed the rules for social distancing (meaning that individuals should keep a distance of not less than 2m from each other), by splitting our team to work from our 2 units (U10 and U24) in Seven Hills. This is so we sit at least 2m apart from each other and in case any of us should get infected and the colleagues need to be home isolated, the other team can continue to work and support our customers (a bit like “High Availability” function with DrayTek Vigor3910’s).

With a proviso that no total “lockdown” would be implemented by the governments, we will continue to support you, our cherished customers, with the products and services that are essential for you, your company and your customers, with the following procedures:

  1. We will continue to rely on courier and freight services for most orders.
  2. For pick up from our NSW and QLD offices, we ask you to follow the steps below:
    1. Call us at least 10 minutes before your arrival
    2. We will reserve a parking space in the bay of U24, 128 Station Rd, Seven Hills, for you to park
    3. When you have parked, call us again on 02-9838 8899
    4. Our sales will bring your product boxes to the door for you to load yourself
    5. If you need to come in and talk to us, please observe the social distancing rules (to protect yourself and us)
  3. For technical support, we will continue to provide tickets, email and limited phone supports, using network diagnostic tools, online conferencing apps, and so on.
  4. We will not provide face to face support until the social distancing rules are relaxed.

It is our intention to support you as much as we can, but if the situation becomes such that all businesses have to be locked down, we will still strive to provide technical support by working from our homes.

In this unsettled time, we are thankful that we are in Australia or New Zealand, two of the safest countries, be it that there are still challenges ahead for all of us. Please exercise maximum care for yourselves and your family and we hope that we and our businesses will remain safe and healthy for the time to come.