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Topic: DrayTek VPN solutions (Part 1) – Introduction to VPN
Date: Tuesday, 12th May 2020 
Time: 10:00am – 10:30am (AEST) 

You are invited to attend our next webinar DrayTek VPN Solutions – Part 1 – Introduction to VPN. This is the first of a 4-part webinar series: VPN solutions in DrayTek routers.

We look at VPN and its uses as well as types of VPN tunnels and VPN protocols available in DrayTek routers. VPN configuration options in DrayTek routers will also be covered.

There will be time for questions and answers at the end of the presentation.

To find out more, please join us for this interesting webinar.

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Latest Video

Webinar – Working from Home with DrayTek VPN Solutions

This video looks at what a VPN is and the types of VPNs available that can be used to access the company network and resources from another location. The level of security may be a concern as well, and will determine your choice of VPN protocol to use and the advantages or disadvantages each offer. It also looks at how to choose the most suitable router for the task.


Latest Application Note


Configuring the Vigor2862L and Vigor2926L for LTE Internet access

This application note shows you how to configure the Vigor2862L and Vigor2926L series routers to enable 4G communication via the integrated LTE modem.

Click here to read the application note.


What is NAT loopback?

This application note explains what is NAT Loopback and its uses.

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String Object allows administrators to enter more characters to VPN Server Host Name in LAN to LAN dial-out field

Some VPN Vigor routers, such as Vigor2826 series and Vigor2926 series, can only support up to 41 characters as the VPN server host name in the LAN to LAN dail-out field. However, some VPN providers use long domain name. When this happens, the string object can help you enter more characters for the hostname / server IP.

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Useful Tips in the Auto backup config file with DrayTek routers
The latest firmware has an option to periodically backup the router configuration file to an attached USB storage device.  This application note outlines the configuration settings to allow this to happen.

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Latest Software

VigorACS 2 V2.5.4.1

Support Model and Version
For the full model support list, please refer to Compatible Devices section in URL


  • Includes fix to allow retrieval of certificate for licence verification.

For customers running earlier versions of VigorACS 2 before version 2.5.1, it is recommended to upgrade to this version.

For existing customers wishing to upgrade to the latest release, please contact us at for download instructions.

Latest Firmware

Vigor2925 / 2925 LTE V3.8.9.8


  • Support specifying the Failover Interface for TR069 Client function.
  • Support the IP address as a provider host in a customized DDNS profile.
  • Add a restriction for welcome message, on System Maintenance >> Login Page Greeting.
  • Fixed: An issue of sending the license sync every day.
  • Fixed: An issue of sending CPE notification with empty value when there are frequent login attempts.
  • Fixed: An issue of requiring to enter the password twice for creating the connection to Vigor router, for Win10 IKEv2 EAP Client.

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VigorAP 903 V1.3.6

  • Improve the security for the DHCP server and DHCP client.
  • Improve the SNMP mechanism to have more security.
  • Change the colour of the Index number from “black” to “blue” on Application>> Schedule.
  • Fixed: An issue of display error for Tx and Rx traffic in ACS.
  • Fixed: A wireless encryption configuration issue over APM.
  • Fixed: An issue of wireless station hostname display on WLAN(5GHz) <<Station List.
  • Fixed: An issue of the wireless station failing to get DHCP IP in Range Extender mode.

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