Dear Value Reseller,

Some months ago, we asked some of you what we can do to help you in the pandemic time, and we were given some good suggestions. One of them is for us to have an online portal to show our stock level, accept orders online, and allow tracking of your orders (since you are always busy, and this portal will make your life easier when you are on the road).

We have heeded your opinions, and built such a portal based on the well known neto packages. We’ve designed it so it allows 24/7 access to stock levels and accepts your orders and payments (under $5,000). Besides, we will make sure it is secure and safe for your privacy and business confidentiality. We plan to start this portal from 4th, January 2021. Please provide your details to allow us to generate a user login for you.

Please click the link here to submit your name, position, company name, email and contact numbers.

Thank you for your support.