i-LAN Technology Pty Ltd to continue to support customers through Greater Sydney Lockdown

The NSW Government has announced that from Sunday, 18 July to Friday, 30 July, the Greater Sydney area will be locked down to suppress the delta strain COVID-19, with severe restrictions for businesses. Complying with the restriction rules, our tech support team will work from home to support ticket inquiries, RMA, webinars, online workshops, etc., and our key sales people who live in local government areas will work from office to process sales inquiries and orders. Customer pickup or visits during the lockdown will be temporarily stopped. For any queries, please contact us on 02 9838 8899, sales@i-lan.com.au, or support@i-lan.com.au.

Australia and New Zealand have defeated the COVID-19 nemesis many times, and we shall do it again through our joint efforts. Please stay safe.