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  • SD-WAN solution providing remote network management of Vigor routers, Vigor Access Points and VigorSwitches
  • SD-WAN features include:
    • Auto VPN (Hub-and-Spoke as well as Full Mesh)
    • Auto VoIP WAN
    • Traffic Control with SD-WAN Route Policy
    • Application Route Policy
  • Centralised HotSpot Portal to handle hotspot login process for LAN Clients with multi-language support and advanced analytics
  • Automatic remote service provisioning for DrayTek’s Vigor devices
  • Scheduled firmware upgrades
  • Scheduled back-up and restore of configuration data
  • TR-069 compliant
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD) enables viewing on various screen sizes
  • Real-time status monitoring
  • Device performance reporting and system logging
  • Flexible and secure CPE grouping

 VigorACS 3 – Network Management Software

VigorACS 3 is the latest version of DrayTek’s popular network management software. It supports all current DrayTek routers, access points, and switches, providing an integrated platform for network administrators to configure, provision, and monitor DrayTek devices remotely from the comfort of their offices or homes.

VigorACS 3 is the core of the DrayTek SD-WAN solution, and provides a user-friendly interface with a responsive display that automatically adjusts and arranges content to suit a variety of devices such as PCs, tablets, or phones.

SD-WAN policy for HQ and branch

Compatible Devices for VigorACS 3


  1. VigorACS 3 monitors Internet-based applications (VoIP, video conferencing, media streaming, web browsing, etc.), and displays usage and performance data (latency, loss, jitter, Mean Opinion Score (MOS) given by the users, call history, etc.).
  2. Network administrators can refer to these data, and set SD-WAN policies to ensure traffic for the selected applications (e.g. VoIP) to be routed through the best quality interfaces.
  3. User experience will be optimized with the SD-WAN policies, in addition to Load Balance, Failover, and Route Policy functions.
  4. The SD-WAN policies can be applied to routers at the headquarter or branches (i.e. edge routers), ensuring efficient use of router capacities under the network conditions.
  5. VigorACS 3 complements the MPLS protocol for HQ-branch traffic, and provides flexibility for SaaS and cloud-based applications that are becoming more common in recent networks. In a way, it plays a role like an orchestrator (i.e., an arranger for a piece of music).

SD-WAN Orchestrator

Quality-Driven Dashboard

The latency, loss, and jitter of every WAN/VPN interface is measured for quality and given a Mean Opinion Score (MOS). The quality-driven dashboard helps Network Administrators see the past and present reliability of interfaces at a glance.


VoIP data packets are monitored for call quality (latency, loss, and jitter) and every call is recorded in a call history list. Network Administrators can then easily retrieve information to check call quality.

Application Visibility and SD-WAN Policy

The application visibility feature lets Network Administrators understand data usage. From which client, via which WAN, to which application, at what time.

Based on the application visibility, Network Administrators can create SD-WAN policies to send business-critical applications through the best-quality interface in order to optimise the user experience.

VoIP Experience Optimisation

Based on the interface quality records, VigorACS 3 can adjust the metric to make sure all edge routers always use the best-quality interface for VoIP in order to optimise the VoIP experience.

Compatible Devices for SD-WAN

Model Firmware Version
Vigor2865 or later
Vigor2865 LTE or later
Vigor2927 or later
Vigor2927 LTE or later
Vigor3910 4.3.1 or later

More about SD-WAN

VigorACS 3 vs. VigorACS 2

VigorACS 3 has all the features of VigorACS 2 but with improvements in the frontend and backend. These include the web interface, and support for SD-WAN with:

  • Auto VPN (Hub-and-Spoke as well as Full Mesh)
  • Auto VoIP WAN
  • Traffic Control with SD-WAN Route Policy
  • Application Route Policy

An additional Feature is Centralized Hotspot Portal

Existing VigorACS 2 subscribers can upgrade to VigorACS 3 completely free of charge. The VigorACS 2 licence key is fully transferrable. For more information, check out the following Application Note:

If you wish to upgrade to the latest released software, please contact us at for download instructions.

Key Features


Allow new devices to configure themselves automatically, and download the latest firmware.

Get notified when a device drops its WAN or VPN, or its connection with the ACS server.

Network insights about devices, clients and traffic over a specified period.

VPN Wizard
Create an IPsec, L2TP or SSL VPN between managed devices with just a few clicks.

Scheduled Maintenance
Schedule firmware updates, configuration changes or device restarts after-hours.

Generate network-based reports about traffic, firmware versions, device status and more.

Client Management with Captive Portal

VigorACS 3 as Captive Portal Server

Many of the Vigor Router and VigorAP models support captive portal functions, which can be used to redirect LAN clients to VigorACS 3 to go through the hotspot login process. This function is ideal for retail, restaurants, coffee shops, and hospitality to do WiFi marketing and learn more about their clients for future marketing campaigns.

Robust Multilingual Splash Page

Intuitively customise the splash page to meet business needs. Live preview provides a “what you see is what you get” experience of splash page editing. Supporting 20 different languages, restaurant/hospitality business owners can speak their customers’ language.

Terms and conditions, and marketing terms are also available, with the option that users must click on the checkboxes to get Internet access. Bandwidth limit, time quota, and device management can also be applied to client devices.

Hotspot Client Analytics

Besides the splash page, VigorACS 3 also provides a detailed analytics view, where business owners can gain an in-depth understanding of new customers, return customers, visiting frequency and which branches have been visited…etc. Further marketing campaigns can then be made accordingly.

More about Hotspot


Benefits of VigorACS 3

  • SD-WAN solution provides remote network management of Vigor routers, Vigor Access Points and VigorSwitches
  • Time and cost savings for businesses/organisations
  • More reliable and secure networks
  • Less travelling for network administrators
  • Network alarms and reports for better management decisions
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Extra income source for IT service providers


Time and Cost Saving Examples for VigorACS 3

There are many benefits that VigorACS 3 can offer, including saving time when setting up VPNs, and in firmware upgrades. Below are two tables outlining time and cost savings for these in a medium network with 20 nodes, and a large network with 500 nodes.

Setting up VPNs

Network Size 20 nodes 500 nodes
Method On site VigorACS 3 On site VigorACS 3
Time usage per node 10 mins 0.5 mins 10 mins 0.5 mins
Total time usage 3 hrs & 20 mins 10 mins 83 hrs & 20 mins 4 hrs & 10 mins
Total time saved 3 hrs & 10 mins 79 hrs & 10 mins
Cost Saving
(assuming IT Admin’s rate is $150/hr)
$475 $11,875


Firmware Upgrades

Network Size 20 nodes 500 nodes
Method On site VigorACS 3 On site VigorACS 3
Time usage per node 10 mins 0.25 mins 10 mins 0.25 mins
Total time usage 3 hrs & 20 mins 5 mins 83 hrs & 20 mins 2 hrs & 5 mins
Total time saved 3 hrs & 15 mins 81 hrs & 15 mins
Cost Saving
(assuming IT Admin’s rate is $150/hr)
$488 $12,188


How to Order

VigorACS 3 can be purchased by businesses or organisations with self-hosted servers, for licenses of 50 nodes (ie CPEs) each up to 1,000 nodes each.

IT service providers or system integrators can setup self-hosted or cloud based Automatic Configuration Servers (VigorACS 3) for their own customers. For example, with a license of 50 nodes, you can serve up to 50 customers with 1 node each, or 5 customers with 10 nodes each.

Please note that a Vigor router or SD-WAN profile is counted as 1 node and a VigorAP or VigorSwitch is counted as 0.5 node for a license of the VigorACS 3.

Config Demo

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