Latest DrayTek VPN Solutions for Work from Home

With the current effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, many businesses are looking at how they can operate by having employees work from home. Accessing company resources such as file servers and cloud servers, even PBX phone systems, is all possible over the Internet using a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) but how is it done?

We will explain this below by first looking at VPN topology, then the types of VPNs available and the level of security and other advantages or disadvantages they offer. Then we’ll look at how to choose the most suitable router for the task.



App QoS

Application QoS allows prioritisation of applications and services on DrayTek routers to improve and enhance critical applications, such as VoIP, conferencing and video streaming, etc. It also allow flexible bandwidth allocation to suit business requirements.

VoIP First

VoIP is always a top priority! The default VoIP port, UDP 5060 (configurable) has priority out-of-box with QoS.

Improve Experience for Business-Critical Apps

Select your business critical apps, and easily put them into QoS classes.

Flexible Bandwidth Allocation

Bandwidth will be reserved for high-priority classes, and can be used by low-priority classes when available.

Compatible Routers



















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