Thank you for participating in the DrayTek Workshop in Melbourne, Victoria on 24th Aug 2023

We’d like to extend a big THANK YOU to Victoria resellers who attended a DrayTek workshop in Sandbelt Club Hotel, Moorabbin, Melbourne on 24th Aug 2023. The following topics were covered:


  1. WAN Connectivity Options fot the lastest DrayTek routers
  2. Multi-WAN Functons: Load Balance Failover
  3. High Availability
  4. VLAN and its applications

We know that the time and effort required to attend the workshop mean that you are dragged away from your work and no income could come for this time. However, we believe that the topics that were covered on this day will help your work and business in the near and longer future.

We enjoyed meeting each of you and will conduct more workshops in other states and New Zealand in the near future.