Threat Intelligence Service (TIS) in DrayTek Routers

DrayTek’s Web Content Filter (WCF) service has been replaced by URL Reputation, the latest Threat Intelligence Service (TIS) in DrayTek routers. URL Reputation TIS is available in the latest firmware for later model routers, to replace the older Cyren Web Content Filters (WCF). If you are currently running Cyren WCF, your existing Licence Key in the router will automatically migrate to the new service, BUT YOU WILL NEED TO INSTALL the latest firmware that supports URL Reputation TIS.



For most Vigor routers purchased, DrayTek also provides a FREE 30-day trial version of a URL Reputation (threat intelligence service software).



Recently, DrayTek moved to a new service provider offering a web content filtering service known as URL Reputation which is also known as a Threat Intelligence Service (TIS). Some points to note about it are:

  • It is available in the latest firmware for later model routers
  • It replaces older Cyren web content filter
  • Existing Cyren licence keys can be migrated to the new service after router firmware upgrade
  • Annual subscription required
  • 30-day free trial available

URL Reputation TIS offers the latest protection against online threats using cloud-based technology which updates its database every 5 minutes, giving you real-time protection and keeping your network safe. Importantly, this service adds an extra layer of security protection to LAN clients for their online activities.

There are 82 categories in total, 10 of which are security-focused, providing comprehensive and up-to-date protection to your network.

URL Category

Dynamic Real Time Threat Update

10 Security-Focused Categories Every 5 Minutes
82 Total Categories


The security categories are very similar to what was offered in Cyren Zero Day Web content filter but are now available as a standard inclusion in URL Reputation Web content filter.



Comparison between Cyren WCF and URL Reputation

Cyren WCF had 64 categories that could be selected, but it did not include any security related categories. Those categories were placed into six groups: Child Protection, Leisure, Business, Chatting, Computer-Internet, and Others.

With URL Reputation TIS, you have everything that was available under Cyren WCF, plus a whole lot more. There are now 82 categories under 4 groups, which includes a security group covering 10 security related categories such as hacking sites, malware sites, phishing, and so on.

Cyren WCF

URL Reputation TIS

64 categories 82 categories
6 groups

  • Child Protection
  • Leisure
  • Business
  • Chatting
  • Computer-Internet
  • Other
4 groups

  • Security (10 Categories)
  • Parental Control
  • Productivity
  • General use
Database updated hourly/daily Dynamic Real Time Threat Update Every 5 minutes


If you do decide to purchase a URL reputation licence key for your router, you should be aware that there are three licence types to suit different model routers.

These are: Silver Card to suit high end routers, A-Card to suit dual WAN routers and B-Card to suit single WAN routers.



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