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VigorIPPBX 2820n

VoIP IP PBX with Dual-WAN ADSL2/2+ Router & 802.11n WLAN

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VigorIPPBX 2820n

  • IP PBX up to 50 extensions and 6 SIP servers
  • 1 x FXS for telephone handsets and 1 x FXO for PSTN line
  • Advanced IPPBX functions: Auto Attendant, IVR, Hunt Group, Voice Mail, Digit Map, DID, Call Parking, Forward, and so on
  • Built-in ADSL2+ modem, 1 additional Ethernet WAN port and 1 USB port for 3.5G modem
  • Dual-WAN bandwidth management with Load Balance, Load Sharing and Fail-Over
  • 4-port switch with 1 x Gigabit and 3 x 10/100Mbps ports
  • Object-based SPI Firewall, Content Security Management (CSM) and QoS
  • 32 x VPN tunnels with hardware accelerator
  • 1 x USB ports for 3.5G modem, USB disk storage & network printer
  • IEEE 802.11n Wireless LAN
  • Support Smart Monitor Traffic Analyzer (up to 30-nodes)
  • Support TR-069 for VigorACS SI Central Management
  • 2 years back to base warranty


  • Overview
  • Integration of Telephony

    Your endless wiring nightmares as configuring new extensions in the legacy PBX system are going to end. Just plugging/unplugging for the configuration! This is what VigorIPPBX 2820 embedded browser-based admin-function can do for multiple IP-based phones located under different LAN. The simplicity is opposed to costly services charged by legacy PBX vendors. The unified data applications and voice network of VigorIPPBX 2820 lets demands on the voice packet prioritization of the LAN infrastructure to assure quality of voice. Hence, the IP-only system results in economies such as the reduced cost of adds, changes and moves the labor of wiring a single converged network.

    Your monthly basic VoIP fee charged by ITSP could sound reasonable; however, you may complain about those al carte expense caused by call transfer, call waiting music and so on. VigorIPPBX 2820 delivers a new architecture for flexible- extension-logic communications by using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to establish voice connections between users and combines the rich-features of the PBX with networking advantages combined with trunking and scalability.

    In addition to save your monthly fees, the IP PBX function can provide up to 50 extensions setup to let all registered IP phones in the LAN or remote sites around the world have unlimited free calls through Internet. Moreover, VigorIPPBX 2820 is able to establish multiple networking architectures corresponding to your current desire and future needs of growing communication. Its ISDN/PSTN compatibility lets you move from simple VoIP solution such as IP phone and Softphone to integrate with comprehensive networking infrastructure, such as ISDN and Analog phone line any time you need.

    Not enough for your desirable cost-effective communication? Don’t worry; VigorIPPBX 2820 has more to offer. Its Digit Map function allows you to set up rules for particular call destinations through the most cost-effective way to reach them. For instance, you can route local calls via your PSTN/ISDN line (if you have a free calls package) whereas international calls can go via your preferred VoIP provider. Digit Map¡¦s flexibility can align with your local service package to give you the most economical calls all the time.

    Let’s think what’s the fundamental thing about making a call? You would say “Just don’t miss it”, right? VigorIPPBX 2820 router has voice mail to e-mail functionality that allows you to make immediate responses to those important messages even though you are 1,000 miles away from the office.

    Secured Networking

    You are satisfied with VigorIPPBX 2820’s Telephony functionalities. But your next question would be “How about Security”. VigorIPPBX 2820 provides up to 32 VPN tunnels and object-based firewall to secure your networking communication.


    By adopting hardware-based VPN platform and hardware encryption of AES/DES/3DS, VigorIPPBX 2820 router increases the performance of VPN greatly, and offers several protocols (such as IPSec/PPTP/L2TP) with up to 32 VPN tunnels.


    VigorIPPBX 2820′ flexible object-based firewall secures your network via DoS/DDoS prevention and URL/Web content filter to strengthen the security outside and control inside. In addition, VigorIPPBX 2820¡¦s object-based design used in SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) firewall provides the painlessly easy firewall policy setup process for users.

    Dual WAN / USB 3.5G-backup and load balancing

    Your business continuous and disaster recovery are also taken care by VigorIPPBX 2820. In addition to the primary ADSL interface, the VigorIPPBX 2820 has additional WAN port connecting to a second xDSL modem or any other Ethernet-based Internet feed for your backup Internet access and load balancing. Furthermore, all traffic will be switched back when normal service is resumed to your primary line. So, you won’t worry about ITSP’s system downtime. The second WAN port also further ensures your voice quality through its stable connectivity.

    On the other hand, VigorIPPBX 2820’s USB 3.5G capability lets you get Internet access before your local ISP service available and have another connection backup. (Note: Choose either USB 3.5G connection or Ethernet connection for WAN 2).

    Featuring USB storage

    You can leave VigorIPPBX 2820 as media-sharing server while you are away home or office! Then the hard-drive or flash-based USB storage device will act as FTP server and the users can access it by any FTP client from LAN or WAN. If you are an editor or journalist, you can let newspapers or magazine download your reports as well as high-resolution photos while you are chasing latest news. If you are film-lover, USB hard-drive can be attached to VigorIPPBX 2820 router to download file without turning on your PC. VigorIPPBX 2820 lets you easily back up files or access saved media files!

  • Features
    1. IP PBX Features
      • 50 account (extensions)
      • Registration and authentication
      • BLF (Busy-lamp Field) (Work with VigorPhone 350)
      • Hunting Group
      • IVR
      • Calendar
      • Dial Plan (Digit Map)
      • Session Monitor
      • Call Detail Records
      • DID
      • Extension Privilege Assign
      • PIN Code Control
      • Call Barring, Call Routing *, Call Park , Call Pickup *
      • In/Outbond Call Through FXO Interface *
      • In/Outbond Call Through ISDN-TE Interface
      • User-defined Prompts
      • Automated Attendant
      • Voice Message to Email
      • Voice Mail
      • MWI (Message Waiting Indicator)
      • Music on Hold
    2. VOIP
      • Protocol : SIP, RTP/ RTCP
      • 12 SIP Registrars
      • G.168 Line Echo-cancellation
      • Automatic Gain Control
      • Jitter buffer (180ms)
      • Voice codec : G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729, VAD/CNG, iLBC *
      • DTMF tone : Inband / Outband (RFC-2833)/ SIP Info
      • FAX/Modem Support : Tone Detection / G.711 Pass-through / T.38 for FAX *
    3. Wireless Access Point
      • IEEE802.11n Compliant
      • Wireless Client List
      • Access Point Discovery
      • WDS ( Wireless Distribution System )
      • Wireless LAN Isolation
      • Wireless Rate Control
      • 802.1x Authenication
      • 64/128-bit WEP
      • WPA/WPA2
      • MAC Address Access Control
      • WPS
      • Hidden SSID
      • Multiple SSID
      • IEEE802.11e : WMM ( Wi-Fi Multimedia )
    4. ISDN
      • Two configurable ISDN NT/TE
      • Euro ISDN Compatible
      • Automatic ISDN Backup ( Port2 Only)
      • Support 64/128Kbps (multilink-PPP) / BoD (Bandwidth on Demand)
      • On-Net/ Off-Net
      • Remote Dial-in / LAN-to-LAN Connection
      • Remote Activation
    5. ADSL Compatibility
      • ANSI T1.413 issue2
      • ITU-T G.992.1 G.dmt
      • ITU-T G.992.2 G.lite
      • ITU-T G.992.3 ADSL G.dmt.bis
      • ITU-T G.992.5 ADSL2+
      • Annex L (READSL)
      • Annex M
      • Multi-PVC
    6. ADSL WAN Protocol
      • RFC-2684 / RFC-1483 multiple protocol over AAL5
      • RFC-2516 PPP over Ethernet
      • RFC-2364 PPP over AAL5
      • PPPoE Pass Through LAN / WLAN
      • PPPoE / PPPoA Relay
      • Transparent Bridge for MPoA
    7. Dual WAN (Ethernet/ 3.5G)
      • Outbound policy-based load-balance
      • BoD (Bandwidth on Demand)
      • WAN connection failover
    8. Ethernet WAN Protocol
      • DHCP Client
      • Static IP
      • PPPoE
      • PPTP
      • L2TP *
    9. VPN
      • Up to 32 VPN tunnels
      • Protocol : PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, L2TP over IPSec
      • Encryption : MPPE and Hardware-based AES/DES/3DES
      • Authentication : Hardware-based MD5, SHA-1
      • IKE Authentication : Pre-shared key and digital signature (X.509)
      • LAN-to-LAN, Teleworker-to-LAN
      • DHCP over IPSec
      • NAT-traversal (NAT-T)
      • Dead Peer Detection (DPD)
      • VPN Pass-through
    10. Firewall
      • CSM (Content Security Management) for IM / P2P application and URL / Web content filter
      • Multi-NAT / DMZ host / Port-redirection / Open port
      • Object-based Firewall
      • SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) (Flow Track)
      • DoS / DDoS Prevention
      • IP Address Anti-spoofing
      • E-mail alert and logging via syslog
      • Bind IP to MAC
    11. Network Feature
      • Port-based VLAN
      • DHCP client / Relay / Server
      • IGMP proxy
      • Dynamic DNS
      • NTP Client
      • Call Scheduling
      • RADIUS Client
      • DNS Cache / Proxy
      • UPnP
      • Routing Protocol:
        • Static Routing
        • RIP V2
    12. USB
      • 3.5G (HSDPA) as 2nd WAN
      • Printer Sharing
      • File System : *(throughput with above 16Mbps)
        • Support FAT32 / FAT16 file system *
        • Support FTP function for file sharing *
        • Support Samba for Windows file sharing *
    13. Bandwidth Management
      • QoS
        • Guarantee Bandwidth for VoIP
        • Class-based Bandwidth Guarantee by User-defined Traffic Categories
        • DiffServ Code Point Classifying
        • 4-level Priority for Each Direction (Inbound/Outbound)
        • Bandwidth Borrowed
      • Bandwidth/Session Limitation
    14. Network Management
      • Web-based user interface (HTTP / HTTPS)
      • Quick start wizard
      • CLI (Command Line Interface , Telnet / SSH)
      • Administration Access Control
      • Configuration Backup / Restore
      • Built-in Diagnostic Function
      • Firmware upgrade via TFTP / FTP / HTTP / TR-069
      • Logging via syslog
      • SNMP Management MIB-II
      • TR-069 Management
      • TR-104 Management
  • Hardware Interface
  • Hardware Interface of VigorIPPBX2820n
    Hardware Interface 1 x 1000Base-TX and 3 x 100Base-TX LAN switch, RJ-45
    1 x ADSL2/2+ port
    3 x Detachable Antennas
    1 x Phone, RJ-11
    1 x Line, RJ-11
    1 x 100Base-TX WAN port, RJ-45
    2 x Configurable (NT/TE), RJ-45
    1 x Factory reset button
    1 x USB host 2.0
    1 x Wireless on/off
    1 x WPS Button
    Temperature Operating : 0°C ~ 45°C
    Storage : -25°C ~ 70°C
    Humidity 10% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
    Max. Power 21 Watt
    Dimension L241 * W165 * H44 (mm)
    Power 12V – 15V
  • Applications
  • SoHos, you don’t need to have a deep packet for the comprehensive IP Telephony solution. DrayTek’s VigorIPPBX2820’s enterprise-level VoIP voice streams over multi-locations connectivity as well as reduce infrastructure complexity and strengthen productivity.

    Virtual FAX for No Paper / Cost-effective IP-office

    The Virtual FAX feature can verify different Caller IDs from SIP/PSTN Trunks and then forward to the pre-defined extension via FAX-to-E-mail. Therefore, there won’t be any paper expense. You don’t even have the call cost if the FAX file is sent by the SIP Trunk.

    Extendable IP telephony through registrar of VigorIPPBX and SIP service providers

    Scalable communications through integration of traditional PSTN network with SIP-based telephony

    Deployment of ISDN network with SIP-based telephony

    Deployment of ISDN network with SIP

    Versatile integration of SIP-based telephony by implementation of ISDN PBX and the PSTN network

    Secure Voice Communication by ZRTP

  • Downloads
  • Version Information

    Firmware Version
    Release Date 02/07/2014
    Support Language English

    Firmware Downloads

    Name Description Annex A for Standard/ modem code 211011 [Standard] Annex A for modem code 211801 Annex A for modem code 2121501 Annex A for modem code 2211201 Annex A for modem code 232201 Annex A for modem code 2431301 Annex A for modem code 243601 Annex A for modem code 243701 Annex A for modem code 244001 Annex A for modem code 2471201


    Release Note VigorIPPBX2820_v3.5.10.1_release_note.pdf
    User’s Guide UG-VigorIPPBX_2820-V2.7.pdf
    Quick Start Guide QSG-VigorIPPBX+2820-V1.0.pdf
    Datasheet VigorIPPBX2820_datasheet_V1.0.pdf

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