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Software Features

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Multiple function design


Creative Freedom

TOOTA X’s stylus has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, and its tablet has 4000LPI resolution.

Ample creative workspace

TOOYA X is made to have a wider working space – 10:6.25 workspace for drawing professionals.



Style Matters

The tablet is only 5mm in thickness, and it is extremely slim. Perfect fit for any home or office.

No-stress Design

The stylus’ no-stress, no-strain design adds comfort and performance.


Multimedia design application


Wide-working aream

Provide 8”x 5” wide-working area that precisely embeds every single stroke of yours.

Computer graphics

With 4000 LPI resolution, TOOYA X provides precise control for 3D animation art work. The customizable macro keys let you access your favorite programs or keyboard shortcuts at one click.



Visual design

With 2048-levels pressure sensitivity, the stylus can capture the slightest difference of stylus pressure, and make your strokes more smoothly and create exquisite brushwork.

Image processing

The 10” x 6.25” active area is well suited for image processing, intuitive and precise control for various brushes.