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Enterprise HD PoE IP Phone (2-Line)

Cost-effective, High-performance PoE VoIP Phone

To build high-performance VoIP communications at a low cost, PLANET now introduces the latest member of its IP Phone family, the VIP-2020PT enterprise-class 2-Line PoE IP Phone. It complies with IEEE 802.3af PoE interface for flexible deployment. The VIP-2020PT makes it simple for the enterprise featuring voice and data system or expanding voice system to new locations. It helps the company to save money on long distance calls; for example, the remote workers can dial in through a Unified VoIP Communication System just like an extension call but no long distance call charge would occur. The VIP-2020PT also allows call to be transferred to anyone at any location within the voice system, which enables the enterprise to communicate more effectively and is helpful to streamline business processes.

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